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Top Rated Family Law ATtorneys


Upper East Side Divorce Attorney

Why hire Juan Luciano As Your Manhattan Divorce Attorney?

Ending a marriage is never easy, regardless of how amicable the situation is. Particularly in New York,  in cases where there are substantial assets, prenuptial agreements, spousal support, and children’s support and custody at stake, there are matters that need to be dealt with carefully, with a specific eye on assets acquired during the marriage, as well as nonmarital assets.

At Juan Luciano Firm, we are a skilled group of attorneys that walks a fine line between compassionate and aggressive representation. With over 15 years of legal expertise in the areas of divorce and family law in Manhattan and throughout New York, Juan Luciano, Esq. offers expert navigation in the important decisions affecting divorce family law and your financial future.

With convenient offices in Manhattan, we are easily accessible from UES, Yorkville, and Lenox Hill and only a short cab ride from Central Park.   Contact us to schedule a free confidential consultation with Luciano Divorce Law Firm (212) 537 5859.

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer on Upper East Side, Lenox Hill and Yorkville

The divorce process in New York requires the examination of many factors by experienced family law attorneys. This can become especially problematic when deciding on the division of assets, requiring time-consuming and often complex considerations.

Learn more about hiring a high net worth divorce attorney.

In cases of high net worth and contested divorce on the UES, Lenox Hill, and Yorkville, there are many issues to resolve, often requiring the tracing of both marital as well as non-marital assets. Valuing marital property in New York demands experience in many different areas including

● Division of commercial and residential properties
● Non-marital properties
● Pensions and retirement plans
● Assets from a business
● Inheritance
● Stocks, bonds, and options
● Currency exchange rates
● Taxes
Prenuptial agreement enforcement
● Division of debt

Juan Luciano, Esq. works with financial experts experienced in tracing complex assets which may involve thorough investigations. If you are dealing with a complex mediation or divorce matter, call (212) 537 5859 for a confidential consultation with Luciano Law Office.  Consultations are available by phone or in person. 

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Manhattan Family Law Attorney, 10021

In matters of NYC divorces, there is an added facet of responsibility in the area of asset protection that are diverse and complex, often with intricate valuations required. Especially when dealing with high asset divorces in New York City and Manhattan, a divorce attorney should have extensive experience not only in the financial realm but also the emotional one in order to keep parties calm and reasonable.

Family Law in New York

New York law as it pertains to high net worth divorces is extremely complex and requires the right skill set in order to keep negotiations calm while offering the most aggressive strategies possible. Retaining the best divorce lawyer in Lenox Hill will have a critical impact on the results of the divorce and your financial future.  Even in cases where divorce mediation is an option, having an experienced attorney work by the client’s side can help ensure the best possible outcome to the case. And of course, if it comes to litigation, finding a sought-after, professional matrimonial attorney is invaluable.

East Side Child Support and Alimony Attorney

Regardless of anything else involved in a high asset divorce process in New York City, child support and custody must consider the sole benefit of the children first and foremost. Particularly when it comes to complex divorces, there may be issues of monetary transparency. Juan Luciano Divorce Attorney has extensive experience ensuring the rights of children in divorce situations and works on behalf of the best interests of his clients.  For confidential consultations with Juan Luciano, child custody lawyer please contact us by phone today.

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Prominent Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Juan Luciano

Particularly in cases of complex divorces in Manhattan and throughout New York, divorce lawyers should consider all aspects of assets and monetary interests and must ensure that no stone is left unturned. As a top Upper East Side divorce lawyer, Juan Luciano has spent his career navigating complex legal matters with impeccable attention to detail and has earned a reputation both for his work as a negotiator and his work as a litigator.   He has a tough reputation as a lawyer who asks the right questions and who gets results for his clients,  However, in a one in one setting with his clients and their families, Juan is known for his personal skills and compassion. In matters of divorce mediation, Juan is known to work side by side with his clients to ensure optimal results for all involved.  People who’ve worked with Juan often describe him as tough in litigation and effective in court.  Clients new and old find him highly focused on their needs and those of their families.  Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer serves all parts of Manhattan from Harlem to Midtown East, Central Park, Park Ave, Broadway, Midtown Manhattan, Turtle Bay, 42nd Street, The Theater District, West Village, and other near by areas. Mr. Luciano also offers a convenient location in the Bronx to help serve clients in Westchester County and beyond. 

Mr. Luciano has been certified by the Appellate Division First Judicial Department to represent children and adults in child protective and juvenile delinquency matters. He has served as faculty for the Practicing Law Institute, as Bronx Family Law bar association and on numerous advisory panels and committees. Many of his decisions and interviews can be found in major publications including the New York Law Journal and the Wall Street Journal.

If you are seeking an experienced attorney with unique interpersonal skills to assist in divorce mediation, child custody, or other family legal services, call Juan Luciano family law divorce firm today.  To make an appointment at our office or for a confidential consultation by phone, contact us at (212) 537-5859. Alternatively, contact us for a consultation via email.   

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