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Family conflicts can lead to emotional distress for all involved. This is particularly true for couples who decide to divorce. Divorce is not just the end of a marriage. It also involves the division of marital assets, debts, and living quarters. Your future can be affected by the outcome of a divorce proceeding. There are so many factors at stake financially and personally, it is important to get the advice and guidance of a qualified divorce attorney who can protect your rights and advocate for your best interests. Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer is a Brooklyn family law firm that specializes in both contested and uncontested divorce proceedings. We are dedicated to helping families in Brooklyn, New York, resolve their disputes quickly and economically so they can move on with their lives. Juan Luciano, a Brooklyn divorce lawyer, handles each case with the greatest sensitivity and respect. He focuses on creating customized strategies to meet the needs of each family.  To speak with an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney now, call (929) 566-7730.

Brooklyn divorce lawyers at the office of Juan Luciano can help you end your marriage with dignity and respect

When you are ready to end your marriage, you deserve both dignity and respect. Brooklyn divorce lawyers at the office of Juan Luciano can help you through this difficult time. We offer compassionate and honest advice. The process starts when you meet with lawyer Juan Luciano for a comprehensive consultation that will leave you feeling knowledgeable, aware, and ready to move forward on the path towards healing. We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable setting, flexible hours, and affordable rates for the services we provide.

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At Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer we are committed to helping clients create a realistic plan and a strategy to accomplish their desired outcome. It can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate the court system. We can help you to understand the process and all the steps involved in litigation, regardless of whether it is in the Family Court or at the Supreme Court. We will discuss what the New York courts expect and the rules that govern the process. We will give you an estimate of the time the process will take. We will also help you understand the impact of the decisions you make and will make on the outcome of your case. Our job is that of a compassionate advisor, and it’s always our goal to ensure you come out of the process ready to move on with your new life. Juan Luciano, Brooklyn divorce lawyer will help you to visualize your future life after divorce. Nobody likes to be uncertain about the future.  Now is the time to create a plan to help you make a smooth transition into life after divorce. Our attorneys will help you to identify your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. We will then work together to resolve the divorce issues, including child custody/visitation and child support. Our experienced Brooklyn family lawyers are standing by to help, call now (929) 566-7730.

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New York Divorce Lawyers Can Help You Minimize Conflict

In New York, a divorce petition is filed by a married couple with the NYC family courts. Then, the court sends a process server who will deliver the divorce petition to the spouse. This gives the spouse an opportunity to respond. The court may change the process if the spouse doesn’t respond or refuses to reply. A NYC family court judge could grant a summary judgment in favor of the petitioner. This will allow the petitioner to obtain a divorce without the spouse who is not responding having any input in the proceedings. 

People who are preparing to divorce often worry about the length of time it will take for the divorce proceedings to be finalized. New York does not have a state-mandated waiting period for a divorce decree to be finalized. The amount of time it takes to finish New York divorce proceedings depends entirely on whether there is a contested divorce. A divorce that is completely uncontested, where the couple has no children and shares little, could take as little as six weeks. For very complex divorces, the proceedings can take months to complete. A New York City divorce attorney can give you a rough estimate of the time it will take to get your divorce finalized. It is possible to speed up your divorce proceedings if you and your spouse are open to civil negotiations and collaboration. Your NYC family lawyer can help you explore mediation to speed up your divorce.  It is our job to help you minimize conflict, and wherever route you take, it’s important to speak with an experienced divorce attorney first.

Family Law Attorney representing You In Custody and Child Support Cases

Custody and visitation are two of the most important and challenging questions in any divorce or legal separation. Which parent should the children live with? Will there be a primary caregiver or will both share equal time with the children? Will one parent decide on education and health issues? Or will both parents have to be involved in the decision-making process? When it comes to visitation, what are the rights of the father and what about the mother? How can I get custody of my children? Legal representation can help both the divorcing parties and children immensely in this emotionally difficult and complex process. A good child custody attorney will give you peace of mind and ensure that your rights are protected. Juan Luciano, a Brooklyn child custody lawyer, will help you resolve any issues related to custody or visitation proceedings.


Common custody questions during divorce include:

Will one parent be the primary caregiver or will both share equal time with the children? 

Will one parent decide on education and health issues? 

Or will both parties have to be involved in the decision-making process? 

When it comes to visitation, what are the rights of the father and what about the mother?

Legal representation can help both the parents and children immensely in this emotionally difficult and complex process. A good child custody attorney will provide peace of mind and ensure that your parents’ rights are protected. 

Juan Luciano, a Brooklyn child custody lawyer in New York City, will help you resolve any issues related to custody or visitation proceedings. 

In New York,  the term “child custody” refers to the right of a parent to make decisions for their child and/or care for them. A lot depends on what type of custody is granted. 

New York courts will only give custody for children under 18 years of age, and only based on what they deem to be in the child’s best interests. To speak with one of experienced New York divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Juan Luciano, call now (929) 566-7730.

New York has two main types of child custody: legal custody and physical custody. If there is no custody order, the both legal and physical custody will be shared by both parents. A petition can be filed with the court to modify this arrangement. Often, an attorney will assist in this process.

Legal Custody gives a parent the power to make major decisions regarding the child’s education, religion, and medical care. Both can share the decision-making power regarding the child’s education if the court grants them joint custody. The former spouses would be expected to communicate and cooperate in cases of joint custody. Courts will usually try to maintain equal rights for divorcing spouses when it comes to custody. The court will consider the best interests and needs of the child first. 

Physical custody, also known as residential custody, gives a parent the right and obligation to provide shelter for their child and make decisions regarding the day-to-day supervision of and care of the child. The former spouses can share physical custody. In this case, the parents can swap parenting time with their child according to a schedule and agreement. Alternatively, the court might give primary physical custody of the child to one party only. The custodial parent (also known as primary caretaker) will have physical custody for most of the time (more than 50%), and will be responsible for the majority (or all of) of the day. Visitation rights may be granted to the noncustodial parents.

Child custody issues can arise in divorce, annulment, separation proceedings, adoption and in the case of death, but most commonly arise in cases of a divorce.

Joint custody is awarded only if the court deems it to be in the child’s best interest. One party may be granted sole custody in some custody arrangements. This is the case if either party is deemed unfit or it is impossible to make joint decisions.

The Important of an Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Brooklyn

It is important to hire a qualified divorce attorney who can help you fight for your best interests in court. Although you will need to pay them fees and meet with them, you can allow your attorney to represent you in court so you can focus on the most important things – your loved ones. You will have more time for other matters outside the courthouse.

It is difficult to understand the legal system. This is why it is necessary for lawyers to undergo such lengthy processes to become licensed to practice law. It is difficult to understand the legal system and avoid making mistakes during a divorce.

Because a divorce lawyer is able to avoid emotions getting involved in court proceedings, they can keep them out of the courtroom. It is important to remember that most divorcing attorneys will not be representing themselves. This is because their abilities to present themselves in court are affected by the history and feelings they have with their ex-spouse.

It is still a good idea to retain an experienced, trusted Brooklyn divorce attorney. You can feel at ease knowing that someone is not only knowledgeable about the process but also has the experience and resources to help you win.

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Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Many people ask, what is the difference between contested and uncontested divorce

The time required to finalize a contested or uncontested divorce is one of the most significant differences between the two. 

Many uncontested divorces are quick. However, even a “quick” divorce in Brooklyn can still take a while, depending on other circumstances. An uncontested divorce doesn’t require discovery or a trial. This means that an uncontested divorce will cost less than a contested one. Uncontested and contested divorces also differ in that the outcome of a contested divorce can be appealed. 

The terms of an uncontested divorce cannot be appealed because both parties have agreed to it. However, the agreement is not binding on the parties forever. Under some circumstances, you may be able to modify the agreement.  Overall, the parties are usually more satisfied with the outcome because they make the decisions. In a contested divorce you and your spouse are unable to agree on the terms, you will need a judge to help you decide. If a divorce is contested and you can not agree on important issues, the judge will make the final decisions. While the judge might place certain concerns above others, this may not always be in line with the priorities of the couple. One spouse might be keen to keep the condo while the other may prefer the country house. A judge might order that the condo be sold and the country house given to the other spouse. The greater the control that spouses have over this process, the easier it is for them to reach an agreement they can both live with. Although there are many benefits to an uncontested divorce, it can sometimes be difficult to reach an agreement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse about important issues. An experienced New York divorce attorney can help you resolve the difference that might, on your own, seem unresolvable.  To learn more about working with Juan Luciano, and our fees to help you with issues such as spousal support or spousal maintenance contact us today (929) 566-7730.

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Experienced Brooklyn Family Law Lawyer Juan Luciano Is Here To Help

Even the most peaceful divorce can be very complicated and emotionally charged. A Brooklyn family law attorney will be able to understand the needs and concerns of both the client and their family and to offer a safe, compassionate environment where you will be able to discuss and consider all your options.. Juan Luciano Esq. understands that divorce can be complicated and requires careful planning. A professional lawyer must find a way to minimize conflict and maximize cooperation. At times, aggressive tactics can be counterproductive. However, nothing is off the table.  To be successful in a divorce proceeding, a Brooklyn matrimonial attorney must consider all options in order to achieve the best outcome for the client. Under ideal circumstances, the NYC divorce attorney will guide his clients to a solution that is less stressful, such as a collaborative divorce. No matter which way your divorce proceedings will go, Juan Luciano Esq. is here to help you navigate.  With more than 15 years representing divorcing parties in complex litigation,  Mr. Luciano is armed with both compassion and experience.  Although it is always advisable to resolve the matter through negotiation, Mr. Luciano is prepared to go to court to protect your legal rights. Known as a tough fighter in court, Mr. Luciano has a track record of happy clients in so-called “hard to win” cases.  Although Mr. Luciano can’t remove the pain of divorce, he can help his clients make the best decisions for their future.  To speak with an experienced family law attorney, call now (929) 566-7730.  

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