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The end of a marriage is always difficult, but particularly when one ends on difficult terms. When both parties must finally rely on the courts to work out their differences, it can be emotionally taxing. Navigating a divorce where you can’t see eye to eye with your spouse will require a skilled contested divorce attorney to ensure that your rights are being represented each step of the way.

If you are having difficulty coming to agreements in your divorce, you are not alone. At the Law Offices of Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer, we take the time necessary to fully understand your needs to protect your interests at the negotiating table as well as the courtroom. We are here to help guide you through these trying times and help you move forward. You can reach us by phone, email, or by filling out a contact us form.

In many divorce scenarios, couples can no longer agree on important decisions that must be made before a divorce can be granted. There are usually a few simple reasons for this:

One spouse does not want the divorce.

The spouses cannot agree on important matters of asset division, child support, and custody, or spousal support.

There is a power imbalance in the marriage, and, consequently, in its dissolution.

It will then require that they find ways of coming to agreements through mediation, negotiation, or litigation to get a resolution. When a divorce is contested, it’s essential that you have the skilled representation of experienced contested divorce lawyers to ensure that your legal rights and best outcome are being considered in all stages of these processes.

Although successful mediation or negotiation in a divorce is always the best route in these cases, some couples cannot come to decisions this way. When spouses cannot come to a settlement on issues surrounding their divorce, whether it be child support, spousal support, child custody, asset division, or any other of the decisions that must be made in a divorce, these complicated decisions may have to be made by the courts. If you are considered a contested divorce, we are here to help. Please call Juan Luciano Family Law firm to schedule a consultation today: (212) 537-5859

What is a Contested Divorce in New York?

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Reasons for a Contested Divorce in New York

Although the state of New York is considered a “no-fault” divorce state, meaning that you do not need specific grounds to divorce, there are still matters that need to be resolved during the divorce process. This requires that the couple comes to important agreements, whether through mediation, negotiation or through the family court system.


In some cases, litigation is a necessary legal option when one spouse feels disadvantaged in the divorce or has legitimate concerns about the transparency of the other spouse. Regardless of the reason your divorce has become contested, you need the legal advice and representation of an experienced contested divorce law firm to get the best outcome for your future and the legal rights you deserve.

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Asset Distribution

When a couple has substantial assets and joint holdings, or one spouse is unaware of the full financial picture, it may be necessary for the courts to get involved. Although asset distribution in New York is designed for equitable distribution, there are times when “equitable” is difficult to determine, particularly if one spouse is hiding assets. In the course of a contested divorce, there are discovery tools available to enable the identification of assets that may not have been properly disclosed by one of the spouses. Call to speak with experienced family lawyers today (212) 537-5859.

The Children’s Best Interests

In matters of child support and custody, the courts weigh on the side of what is in the best interests of the children. Spouses may not always agree on what this is, especially when emotions run high. Some spouses have legitimate concerns over sharing custody of the children. Getting court rulings on custody, visitation, and support means that the parent’s wishes are considered after the children’s needs and wellbeing.

There are many cases when spousal support or maintenance are appropriate, especially when one spouse has given up their own opportunities to focus on the family’s well-being or must retrain to go into the workforce. Unfortunately, this can often be a point of contention with many divorcing couples. The court will consider spousal support or maintenance after reviewing all the supporting information.

Spousal Support or Maintenance

In a divorce setting, sometimes going through the family court system is the only way to ensure that both parties are held accountable, the children are fairly considered, and assets are legally and fairly divided. While a non-contested divorce is always the easiest and most cost-effective way to navigate a marriage dissolution, there are times when a contested divorce is the only option left to the couple.

Fair Representation

Seeing the Marriage Separate From the Emotional Relationship

A marriage is a complicated interweaving of two lives in an emotional relationship with each other. It is also a legal relationship. Even when the emotional relationship breaks down, the legal relationship must be navigated before it can be dissolved. And because emotions can get the better of couples at times like these, it is essential that you have level-headed legal representation that can guide you with your best outcomes in mind.  Cal to schedule an appointment with Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer today:  (212) 537-5859

Your Physical, Emotional, and Financial Wellbeing

Ensuring a fair and equitable divorce is essential for your financial, physical, and emotional welfare. While the present may be emotionally charged and make it difficult to see past it into the future, that future will come. The decisions that are made today will have a great deal of bearing over what that future looks like.

Having the representation of a skilled contested divorce legal representative will keep that future insight for you even if you are unable to see it for yourself. At the law offices of Juan Luciano Divorce Attorney, we are with you each step of the way, helping to resolve your marital issues in the most amicable way possible, with integrity, dignity, and an eye on your best future possible.

Getting the Legal Representation You Deserve

While divorce is never easy, finding the right contested divorce attorney doesn’t have to be difficult. At the law offices of Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer, we don’t believe that marriages must end in discord, even when they are contested. Even litigated divorces can happen without bitterness. We know how to walk that fine line between cooperative negotiation and aggressive strategy. Whether you are facing an uncontested divorce, or a contested one, we are here to help. Together we work as a team as we prepare you for a bright future post-divorce.


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